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please help with expression

Hi All,

Please could you assist with this expression: the correct answer should be 2.47 wks but i keep getting 2.85 wks

If i activate the 'Sum of ROWS' function under 'Total Mode' in the expression tab - i get the correct answer.

However i do not want to 'overide' the function as i need the correct answer to reflect in the calculated text object as well

Sum([Total Hours Taken (Leave)])/Avg([Hours - 4 Week Average])

At a line level all the values are correct - but the sum values for 'Leave Taken - 4' and 'Leave Balances - 4' are incorrect 


Leave AccruedLeave Taken - 4Leave Balances - 4
3.62 wks2.85 wks0.77 wks
0.08 wks0.00 wks0.08 wks
0.15 wks0.00 wks0.15 wks
0.23 wks0.00 wks0.23 wks
0.31 wks0.00 wks0.31 wks
0.38 wks0.00 wks0.38 wks
0.46 wks0.00 wks0.46 wks
0.54 wks0.00 wks0.54 wks
0.62 wks0.00 wks0.62 wks
0.69 wks0.00 wks0.69 wks
0.77 wks0.00 wks0.77 wks
0.85 wks0.00 wks0.85 wks
0.92 wks0.00 wks0.92 wks
1.00 wks0.00 wks1.00 wks
1.08 wks0.00 wks1.08 wks
1.15 wks0.00 wks1.15 wks
1.23 wks0.00 wks1.23 wks
1.31 wks0.00 wks1.31 wks
1.38 wks0.00 wks1.38 wks
1.46 wks0.00 wks1.46 wks
1.54 wks0.00 wks1.54 wks
1.62 wks0.17 wks1.45 wks
1.69 wks0.00 wks1.53 wks
1.77 wks0.15 wks1.45 wks
1.85 wks0.00 wks1.52 wks
1.92 wks0.00 wks1.60 wks
2.00 wks0.00 wks1.68 wks
2.08 wks0.00 wks1.76 wks
2.15 wks0.00 wks1.83 wks
2.23 wks0.00 wks1.91 wks
2.31 wks0.00 wks1.99 wks
2.38 wks0.00 wks2.06 wks
2.46 wks0.00 wks2.14 wks
2.54 wks0.00 wks2.22 wks
2.62 wks0.00 wks2.29 wks
2.69 wks0.09 wks2.28 wks
2.77 wks0.00 wks2.36 wks
2.85 wks0.12 wks2.32 wks
2.92 wks0.00 wks2.40 wks
3.00 wks0.00 wks2.47 wks
3.08 wks0.60 wks1.95 wks
3.15 wks0.11 wks1.92 wks
3.23 wks0.00 wks1.99 wks
3.31 wks0.00 wks2.07 wks
3.38 wks0.00 wks2.15 wks
3.46 wks0.17 wks2.06 wks
3.54 wks0.70 wks1.43 wks
3.62 wks0.36 wks1.15 wks


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New Contributor II

Re: please help with expression

Fixed in script - thanks!!

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New Contributor II

Re: please help with expression

Fixed in script - thanks!!