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position of chart after we click maximize button

Hello guys,

Do we have an option to fix the position of chart after user clicks the maximize button.

In my case after maximize it hides the logo of the dashboard which i want to avoid.



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You can create two different chart... One of small size and 2nd of big size... now use a button to toggle chart between two sizes.

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I do not want to do that.. there are many charts in my dashboard and I am not sure whether user will be using this functionality.

I just wanted to use inbuilt maximize functionality of charts.

Is there a way to set the position after maximize?


Hi Khushboo,

As per my knowledge we don't  have that type of facility directly as you are asking.

but some ideas are

Option 1: but Why don't you hide that maximize for chart option?

Option 2 :Put your symbol properties->Layout->Top

Option 3 :you can use Container object and place your chart inside of container .


Maximize buttons in QlikView work exactly the same as the Maximize button in the title bar of a Windows window. It's all or nothing.