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qlikview config on mobile


   How to connect qlikview server and iphone in order to run qlikview appln on iphone..i want to know the steps for running qlikview appln on the iphone..

  I need to know wheather we need to install the qlikview server on iphone or how we can run application on iphone or ipad..or any other mobile appln..

.Can any one help it ..??



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qlikview config on mobile

Hello Guru,

First of all, go to the Server Reference Manual for a more detailed step by step guide on how to deply the server and mobile clients. Here you are a simple walkthrough.

You first instal and set up the server (it always and only is installed in a Windows server). Then, you can use either the iPhone app available in the iTunes App Store (which is very limited in regards to selections and the amount of information displayed at a time) or the browser which will render each sheet as you can see it (well, very similar to) the Web View in the QlikView Desktop application. To enable the webview open the document you want to use, go to Settings menu, Document Properties, General tab and click on "Use Web View in Layout". Save the document, close QlikView and open the document again. You can now work with a closer approach on what you are going to see in a web browser.

If you choose the iPhone app, you need to go to the server Console (Windows startup button, All programs, QlikView, QlikView Enterprise Management Console, Documents, click on the document you want to display on mobile, and under "AccessPoint Access Methods" click "Mobile Client" as well. Apply changes and it's done in the server part.

The iPhone app needs to be configured so it uses the DOMAIN\Username as returned by the function OSUser() in QlikView (you can use it in a new empty text object to check, then delete it) and the password this username has in the domain. For what it's worth, the iPhone app doesn't support section access. You need to configure the server name and port (if it's different to 80).

Hope that helps.

Miguel Angel Baeyens

BI Consultant

Comex Grupo Ibérica

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qlikview config on mobile

Hai Miguel,

    Thanks for your response..

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