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qlikview to nprinting

I have this qvw file , and I want to distribute this report via nprinting to get excel sheet.

I want this to run every week Monday.

I will copy this file to qlikview live server , but is this script enough to do so ?

or do I have write anything else ??

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Re: qlikview to nprinting


I don't really understand your issue...

Your QV application will be your connection in your NPrinting report.

you can have only this script in your QV file if you want and if it runs without issue. You will display in your NPrinting only object defined in your QV applciation.

Example: you display a table box in your QV application , you can add this object in your NPrinting report which is an Excel report. After you have just to define a task and schedule it every week Monday.


Re: qlikview to nprinting

You schedule your QlikView app for reload on Monday's

and then you schedule your NOri ting report to execute after that.

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Re: qlikview to nprinting

How can I schedule qlikview for reload on Monday's.

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Re: qlikview to nprinting

You have QlikView Server?

  1. In QMC you Schedule tyour reload for daily reload´

You have QlikView Publisher

  1. In QNMC you Schedule for reload every Monday

You have neither

  1. You Schedule a bat-file to execute though Windows Schedulwer every Monday

    [Path]\qv.exe [PATH]\QlikView_file.qvw /R

Re: qlikview to nprinting

If you have a publisher, open QMC, locate your document, create a task and select trigger type "On a schedule", select "Weekly" from the option list and enable the On:-checkbox called "Monday".

If you don't have a Publisher, open QMC, locate your document, select the Reload tab, enable Reload Schedule type "Weekly" and select Monday from the listbox.

Don't forget to click the Apply button to save your configuration.


Re: qlikview to nprinting

if you want to distribute the Nprinting Reporte everry Monday you have to configurate the trigger in NPrintin Console