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"And" instead of "Or" in set analysis


I am attempting to use set analysis to indentify customers who have orders in two specfic statuses. I know how to make status one or another. I would like to make the set only include those that have "delayed" and "pending" order statuses (multiple orders). Is there a way I can do this?

Here is what I have so far....

Count({$<Status={"delayed","pending"}>}Distinct Customer_id)



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Re: "And" instead of "Or" in set analysis


=count({$<Customer_id = p({<Status={delayed}>})*p({<Status = {pending}>}) >} distinct Customer_id)

Re: "And" instead of "Or" in set analysis

Also try this

Count({$<Status={"delayed"}>*$<Status={"pending"}>}Distinct Customer_id)