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reload on QVServer

Hi everyone,

i'd like to know how QV-Server (v10) performs data reload, both scheduled and manual.

We have made a standard ('vanilla') installation of QVServer as we have a Small Business Edition (v10), and we have built the ODBC connection to the DB.

When we start a reload (scheduled or manual), it generates a TMP empty file in the Server' Folder but it doesn't perform any reload of data; the only way we could reload data was through a batch process found in a thread in this QlikCommunity.(thanks )

Any idea or hint on how we could fix this?



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reload on QVServer

You get more details from the log file of the application.

To enable it, go to document properties - > General tab -> check 'Generate log file'

When you reload (or the server does) it will generate a file with the same name of you application (and the extension .log).

The log is generated by the manual or server reload.

You can also check server logs.

I believe the easiest way is to set the following application to the right folders and reload it:


Hope this helps,


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reload on QVServer

thanks for the application, i'll try to set it up later.

i've enabled log-file generation but it only works when reloading through desktop Qlikview.

When attempting to reload through Server Console it generates only two emptyTMP files (0 Kb) without giving any idea of what is not working, because the task is shown as successfully completed in the console.

is there any step-by-step guide that handles Reload's features?

Thanks in advance,


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reload on QVServer

When reloading the data via the desktop version, are you running it on the server or on a local machine? I would suggest trying to reload via the desktop (in debug mode) on the server itself & see where you start to get zero rows returned. My guess is there's a bad filepath in there somewheres.

Also, dont wait long to setup the System monitor app that Erich pointed you towards, it will tell you lots of info about any server errors that are encountered.

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