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reloading Qlikview Project automatically with a 5 min Timer 24h /24h

I'm using  a personal edition .

I succeed reloading my project ,setting  what ever  timer I want  : works perfectly  . 🆗

the objective  is to  let my  project  open   24h/24h  , with out shutting my screen .

the problem is :  when I go to  check it the next day , I found the interface  opened but  with out response until I  end its process from the management process and restart my project qlikview .


First question : is there a number limited for the reloading ? and if the personal edition have a hand in this ?

scnd question : Or is it  just a connexion problem with my MySQL database causes problem after a long  opening time  or refreshing data  ?

thrd question : Rama process  system prob ?

thankful for any help or attention  please I need your help . 🙂




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Re: reloading Qlikview Project automatically with a 5 min Timer 24h /24h

There are some limitations with Qlikview Desktop, one of them is the inability to schedule reloads natively, that feature is only available with Qlikview Publisher.  Can you please elaborate on what you're trying to do with Qlikview Desktop and your QVW?  You said you want the project open 24 hours a day withough closing your screen, what does that mean?


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