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Dear all,

I'm a beginner nd I'm using qlikview 10 Personal edition. I don't know how to create a very simple report, like firstname, name , address and city

Does anybody put me on the right track ?

Thanks in advance


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Re: report


This should be an excellent starting point!

Good luck!

Re: report


try this,

Load * inline






hope it helps

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Re: report

Yes, report is a really dark issue for me. I don't know how to create a report. I found out how to create tables, graphs, etc... , pivot tabe, ... but what I've to do in order o create a simple report ?

In the main menu, I clik on the REPORT label, but I don't understand how to it works.

I hope you can help me.


Re: report


try like this

you can give

1. count of person in city using count(firstname), dimension as city

2. Average of person in city

3. firstname, name , address, city in table box

4. Able to find same for address also like city but if it is necessary oly

you can use chart which you like..in sheet right click - chart - use dimension n expression as you like and click apply n ok..

hope it helps

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