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show cluster/groups/dimension directly in a curve

Hello everyone,

we have a case where a custumor wants to have a new linial diagram. At first sieght it didn't seem complicated and now I really don't know if this kind of curve in a diagram is possible.

The idea comes from following situation:

     The customer owns a slaughter house fro pigs. The pigs are deliveres in batches from companys.

     So at some point comes a batch of pigs from comp_nr =1 and lets say they count the animal_ID.

     This customer wants to have a kurve in a diagram, that looks like this


At the x achses is a time line and the y achses the counted numbers. In the diagram should be ploted a kurve where he can distinct through colors from what kind of comp_nr the pigs were counted at the specific time.

My solution goes in the right direction, but i can't distinct the different comp_nr in the needed curve.


I have two dimensions ( time and comp_nr) and several formulas

The blue colored curve is an accumulated kurve of this formula Count ( animal_ID) an shows the numers of pigs from all comp_nr's

And the other curves just count  over each comp_nr.

Basically the customer would get through my solution the same information, but it's a little bit complicated to read.

Did anybody had a similiar case or has a solution.