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some question about qlikview

hi all

please help me.im new in qlikview.

How can get data shared between two query?

how we can add column without define in query?

and when we have two column(debit and credit), how we can get the balance of debt during the first term and add as column ???


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Re: some question about qlikview

for the purpose of data sharing use binary function which reload all data of 1qvw file into another

and in concern of adding column use inline function for define that column virtually not actul

and for last using pivot table and write the expression

sum(distinct debt )/sum(total <year>debt).

hope it helps you..for last query i didnot get you exactly..

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Re: some question about qlikview

Thank YOU for guidance and clarification of key points.

But can you please guide me how can I upload a  QVW in another QVW?

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Re: some question about qlikview

Add an action (External->Open Qlikview Document) to your button that opens qvw2 and check the option Transfer State. That way selections in qvw1 will be applied to qvw2 when it is opened. If you have different schenario then write it here.

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Re: some question about qlikview

Thank You .