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sum in a multibox


I have tried unsuccesfully to add a sum expression in a multibox (called "result" in the image), for some reason the data remains hide and a dot is displayed, I don´t think is a data problem because if I use a bart chart the sum is displayed correctly.

Also I´d like to know how can I change the label of the sum in the multibox so it does not show the formula.

I´m attaching the table view and the sheet layout along the properties box for the multibox "result"

Obviously I´m newbie and using personal edition version 10.00.8935.7 SR2

Hope somebody can help me.

Best Regards

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sum in a multibox

Label of the sum was pretty obvious in general properties, sorry, I just realized how to change it.

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sum in a multibox

Well, I think I found it

=Aggr( sum(Ingresos),Servicio,Año,Trimestre)

It seems that in this case we have to use dimentions due that there is more than one parameter.