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the marco change height of a chart not works in browser

Hi There,

I try to use marco to change the height of an object, it works fine in qlik, but when put the qvw to server and view in any browser , the height not changed as expected, please help , thanks!!

sub resizediag
set sh = ActiveDocument'.ActiveSheet
set v = ActiveDocument.GetVariable("vSubgroupCnt")
getVariable = v.GetContent.string

set obj = sh.GetSheetObject("CH13")

pos = obj.GetRect
  pos.Height = 32*CDbl(getVariable)+50

ActiveDocument.Variables("vheight").SetContent pos.Height, True

obj.SetRect pos

' end if

end sub

I put the variable and the height value into  textbox , the value is correct, but actually the height of the object not really changes..it works very well within qlikview, but not work in browser, why.....

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