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today() in development vs access point

is there a difference in the use of the today function in a qlikview development server vs access point?

For instance, here is a list of the today() modes:

Can have the following values:

0 (day of last finished data load)
1 (day of function call)
2 (day when the document was opened)

does today(2) operate differently in the development server vs access point? I.E. in Dev Server I can close/open my document and see changes made if I'm doing testing. In the access point I am a little more restricted at work since I don't manage our prod environment, but I do seem to have different results using it....

One way I noticed is that whenever I'm on a tab in the AccessPoint, and I close my browser and re-open, the document opens where I left off. Does QV consider this document still open in terms of today(2)? Or will this document be refreshed after you navigate away from the webpage and come back...