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total column

Total as the result of 2 columns

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Re: total column

What is the expression on each column?

If you are using, for example Sum([Sales]) on Column(1) and Sum([Budget]) on Colum(2), your third expression should be like: Sum(Total [Sales]) - Sum(Total [Budget]).


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Re: total column

Hi there,

You can just add the 2 columns by this:

Column(5) + Column(6)

greetings, Dave

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Re: total column

Hi Rocha,

U can use Coloumn(6)-Coloumn(5)


if ur Coloumn(6) expression is named(Name of expression) as Budget and similarly Coloumn(5) as Actual.

if u want to show Budget - Actual

u can use [Budget]-[Actual]

both will give you the same result.

PFA for reference.

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Re: total column

You are missing a closing paren. But as others have pointed out, the correct syntax is

column(6) - column(5)

No need to incluude sum() function.