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uneven spacing between text

Hi Team

I've got a calculated dimension in a pivot table as below

=Date(due_date,  'WWWW   DD-MMM')

Please see attached picture, this is the first column, "Day".


Is it possible to make it so that the dates are all in line, ie so that there is a larger space between Sunday and the date, than there would be between Wednesday and the date.

I did originally have this in two columns, but they need to be in one in order for my 'Total' label text to show fully.

I also don't want to shorten the days to 'WWW'.


Hopefully thank makes sense.

Thanks, Amy

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Creator II
Creator II


This will only work if you are using a FIXED width font.

=Left(Date(due_date, 'WWWW') & '          ',10) & Date(due_date, 'DD-MMM')