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what is the range of sum function ?

hi to everyone can you please explain me .......... what is the range of sum function ?

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Are you intending to ask for RangeSum() function??? If yes than you might find these link to be useful

Accumulative Sums

Calculating rolling n-period totals, averages or other aggregations



MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

The rangesum function calculates the sum of the values passed to the function. All non-numeric values are treated as 0. That makes it useful if you have to deal with nulls and don't want a null as result. 11 + 2/0  will return null because 2 divided by 0 returns null. But rangesum(11, 2/0) will return 11.

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I did not know that.

Good to know that as well. Thanks Gysbert Wassenaar