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year limit in set analysis

hi all,

I have data from the month of 2000 to 2011 but i want to show it in charts only from 2010 to 2011 (in set analysis).

any idea please


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year limit in set analysis

Use a set expression like

{<Year={2010,2011} >}

e.g. in sum({<Year={2010,2011}>} Sales) as expression, Year and Month as dimension

Is that what you need?

Re: year limit in set analysis

Hi Usha,

See the sample file on that in chart calculation i use the condition for Month and Year only for March and Year for 2010 and 2011. Use the sample for your applications and condition. I use for Month as well as Year for in a Set Analysis  code =Sum({<Year = {2010,2011}, Month = {'Mar'} >} value)

Hope this helps you.



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Re: year limit in set analysis

Please try



Expression :

  Sum(  {< Period = {">=$(=Date(AddMonths(Date#(ILYear&ILMonth&'01','YYYYMMDD') , -11 ),'YYYYMM') & '') <= $(=Date(AddMonths(Date#(ILYear&ILMonth&'01','YYYYMMDD') , 0 ),'YYYYMM') & '')"} >}  Amount)

Result :

Sum Amount from 201103 to 201004

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