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Airtable - How to get started with Airtable in Automations

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Airtable - How to get started with Airtable in Automations

This article gives a basic overview of how to use the Airtable connector in Qlik Application Automation.
The available blocks in the Airtable connector are the following:

  • List Table Records
  • Get Table Record By Id
  • Delete Table Record
  • Update Table Record
  • Create Table Record
  • Replace Table Record
  • List New And Updated Table Records incrementally
  • Create Multiple Table Records
  • Get Table Record By Field

Let's go through a basic use case to retrieve all the records from a table:

1. Create a new automation
2. Search for the Airtable connector using the left menu

Mihai_David_0-1629294767409.png3. Select the Airtable connector and use the 'Search for blocks' input to search for the 'List Table Records' block. After that, drag and drop the block into the automation and link it to the start block.

Mihai_David_3-1629294945075.png4. Go to the "Inputs" tab of the block's menu and fill in the required fields.

To retrieve the "App Id" visit


Click on one of your apps (bases). In my case I will click on Demo and the browser will navigate to the following URL: You can find the "App Id" in this URL (for me it's "appd3BD8PlHWVY9Xp")

6. Once you've filled in the required fields you can run the automation.



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