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Create a channel in Slack for new Jira ticket with a status change

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Create a channel in Slack for new Jira ticket with a status change

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Feb 9, 2023 9:41:18 AM

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Nov 4, 2022 3:03:54 AM

This article contains additional information on the Create a channel in Slack for each Jira ticket status change template. You can find this template in the template picker when creating new automation. 

This template creates a new Slack channel, invites the members, and sends a message to the channel along with the Jira ticket information when there is a change in the status of the Jira ticket. The template creates channels only for tickets with status changes from New to Committed, New to In Progress, or New to Designing.

You can modify this template by using the Microsoft Teams connector instead of the Slack connector.

For example, if a user creates a ticket in Jira and changes the status from To Do to In Progress, the template will create a Slack channel with the name of the Jira ticket number, invite users to the channel, and sends the message along with the Jira ticket information to the assignee, reporter, and the project manager of the ticket.

Follow these steps to set up the input values in the template:

  1. Set the value for the project_manager, which specifies the Slack channel's user ID of the project manager.
  2. Set the value of the debug_mode to Yes or No.
  3. Set the value for the Name, which specifies the name the Slack channel should begin with.
    Example: QCS-Test is the value set for the Name variable, so the name of the channel after the execution will be QCS-Test-IM-101 where IM-101 is the Jira ticket number.

Note: Ensure that the Name value does not contain spaces. 


Automation Structure

  1. Retrieve the list of newly created Jira tickets using the List New And Updated Issues Incrementally block and set the JQL query value as required. The JQL query can be set as per the user's requirement.
  2. Store the assignee and reporter names of the ticket in the variable Assignee and Reporter.
  3. List all the users from the Slack channel using the List All Users block and filter the users that are not deleted.
  4. Lookup for assignee and reporter in the filtered users' list.
  5. Create a Slack channel using the Create channel block and set the name of the channel using the ticket name/number and store the channel ID in the variable.
  6. Invite the assignee, reporter, and project manager to the created channel using the Invite Users To Channel block and send the message along with the ticket details.

Screenshot of the slack channel createdScreenshot of the slack channel created

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