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Duplication from HUB with Custom Load Balancing Rules under the same Virtual Proxy

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Duplication from HUB with Custom Load Balancing Rules under the same Virtual Proxy

When setting up a virtual proxy load balancing to multiple engines, it is possible to set up load balancing rules to specify which set of apps will be available on which engine(s).

In this scenario, it is desired to have all apps available in the Hub accessed through the Virtual proxy, but load balancing to directed to one node for Published Apps, and another node for Unpublished apps.

From end-user perspective, everything works fine (List App, Open App,…) until it is attempted to duplicate an application from the hub which does not work.

This will also affect ODAG applications where the Details app is Published. Error is shown "Failed to copy the app"






Use different Proxies.

The underlying issue is that when the “Copy” of the App is being made, the copy would be unpublished, ergo the node that is making the Copy cannot see it, so the process fails.

It is suggested to use different virtual proxies instead of only one to load balance nodes for Published and Non published apps.

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Contributor III

This it the answer on my case in support:
I'd suggest to comment on those ideas/feature request so they get more visibility.

So we can try to add visibility on this post:

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Contributor III

Our workaround for ODAG

Balance rule:
Resource filter: App_*
Load balancing: Checked
Conditions: (( matches ".*_XXX-.*"))

*Where XXX is your domain
Because of user ODAG apps includes "_Domain" in their names

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