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How to allow Anonymous Hub access in Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows

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Digital Support

How to allow Anonymous Hub access in Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows

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Aug 11, 2022 6:13:32 AM

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Oct 28, 2014 10:33:11 AM

Three requirements need to be met in order to allow Anonymous users access to the Hub:


Useful information:

  • Users who access Qlik Sense anonymously are identified as NONE\anonymousd9e61933-a7e5-4836-8540-5b137a600e69, where the GUID is a unique identifier.
  • To create a license rule, granting login passes to anonymous users you can use two identifiers:
    • userDirectory=NONE 
    • user.IsAnonymous()



Configure the Proxy to allow Anonymous users

By default, anonymous access is disabled. The steps provided require a restart of the Proxy service after completion. 

  1. Open the Qlik Sense Management Console.
  2. Choose the Virtual Proxy to be used for anonymous access
  3. Click Edit.
  4. In the Properties menu (right side) choose Authentication
  5. From the Anonymous access mode drop-down select Allow anonymous users

    Edit Virtual Proxy Allow Anonymous.png

Set up a license rule 

Anonymous users will need to have a license rule available for them which gives them either an Analyzer Capacity License or a Login Access Token. The instructions in this article will focus on Analyzter Capacity Licenses. 

  1. Open the Qlik Sense Management Console.
  2. Navigate to License Management 
  3. Click Analyzer capacity rules 
  4. Click Create new 
  5. Give the new rule a Name (mandatory) and Description (optional) 
  6. Create one of two possible rules:
    1. In the Basic settings, select
      user: userDirectory =
      value: NONE
    2. In the Advanced settings (see Fig 2), provide the condition:

      Fig 2Fig 2

  7. Click Apply


Set up a Stream for anonymous access

You can use the default Everyone stream, which has already been set up for anonymous access, or create your own. 

We will create two rules. One to allow logged in (authenticated) users access and publishing permissions. One to allow anonymous user access, but no publishing permissons. Note that based on your requirements, this may need to modified. 

  1. Go to the Qlik Sense Management Console
  2. Go to Manage Content and Streams
  3. Click Create New
  4. Name your new Stream
  5. Click Security Rules 
  6. Click Create associated rule (see Fig 2) 
    This will be our "Everyone (anonymous) can read the stream." rule.

    Fig 3Fig 3
  7. Provide a Name (mandator) and Description (optional) 
  8. In Basic only select Read 
  9. In Advanced define
    Condition: user.IsAnonymous()
    Context: Only in hub

    See Fig 4. 

    Fig 4Fig 4

  10. Click Apply 
  11. Click Create associated rule (see Fig 2)
    This will be our "Everyone (logged in) can access this stream and publish." rule.
  12. Provide a Name (mandator) and Description (optional) 
  13. In Basic only select Read and Publish.
  14. In Advanced define
    Condition: !user.IsAnonymous()
    Context: Both in hub and QMC
  15. Click Apply



We are now ready to test access. 

  1. Go to the Qlik Sense Hub (hosted by the Virtual Proxy you have configured)
  2. If you are logged in, log out.

    anonymous stream set up.png

  3. Our new Anonymous stream is now avaiable.



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Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello @Mccutchan1 

This is as of now not adviseable. See Disabling Navigation and Menu button after publishing the application in Qlik Sense is not advisable... 

If you are looking to hide all aspects of the Sense hub navigation, maybe a mashup would suit your needs better?


All the best

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Sonja,

I followed the document above but still seems to be having a few issues. The server set up is a central node, proxy node, 2 reloading nodes and 2 viewer nodes. The only way I can get the anonymous access to work is if I go to the proxy node and change the authentication to allow anonymous access. The problem is that links that individuals have been using are getting an error message 



If I change the Authentication back to no anonymous users then the links work but my link for anonymous access does not work. I did notice that the virtual proxy I set up is not a "default virtual proxy". Any idea how to solve the issue?



Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello @Mccutchan1 

Based on the message you are receiving, the anonymous access attempt cannot be assigned a required access pass.

Please verify that you have the correct license type that supports anonymous access (so either Analyzer Capacity Licenses or Login Access Tokens) and that your license assignment has been set up correctly. 

Should that not help, I'd recommend either to posting this over in our community forum (Deployment and Management ) or logging a Support ticket (as log files may need to be reviewed).

All the best,

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi @Sonja_Bauernfeind ,

We are trying to use anonymous access so that we do not have to place everyone in a AD group. At the same time we want to track who is coming into the app. We are trying to use an iFrame to accomplish this. Have you had any experience in doing this? 

Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello @Mccutchan1 

I think I need to give the same answer to this as I have done previously: Since you would be using anonymous access, meaning the user does not send identifying information, you would need to use a different piece of software to help you figure out who is coming in. What Sense will be able to give you is the IP address. You'd then need to match this IP address or other identifiers to track them.

I am not familiar with your use case though; so what you are trying to accomplish at large. I would suggest posting in our forums and outlining what you are trying to achieve (including how you are currently attempting to do so). Our users and support agents might have additional input for you that I cannot provide you in this article.

The correct forum is:  Integration, Extension & APIs.

Partner - Contributor
Partner - Contributor

Thank you very much for the explanation.

I get to the Test without problems, but when I try to open any APP from that Stream it tells me that I don't have permissions to access QlikSense.

What should I do to be able to access the Apps?

Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello @dsuarezseidor 

If you've gone through all the required steps (verified your license supports it, set up the proxy for anonymous access, created a license rule to support it), then you should be good with this article.

What is the exact error message you are receiving?

All the best,

Partner - Contributor
Partner - Contributor

Thanks for de answer Sonja.

I did a review of topic so I think I can't access the Apps with Anonymous user, because we don't have Analyzer Capacity License. We only have Professional or Analizer user. 


David S.

Digital Support
Digital Support

You are correct, a capacity license would be needed.

Contributor II
Contributor II

Hello @Sonja_Bauernfeind 
I followed Same instructions that you wrote,and I'm able to see the stream without login but I got error when i try to open the app:( 

kindly check this image:



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