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Official Support Articles

Search or browse our knowledge base to find answers to your questions ranging from account questions to troubleshooting error messages. The content is curated and updated by our global Support team

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How to contact Qlik Support

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Digital Support
Digital Support

How to contact Qlik Support

Qlik offers a range of opportunities to assist you in troubleshooting, answering frequently asked questions, and contacting our experts. In this article, we guide you through all available avenues to secure your best possible experience.

For details on our terms and conditions, review the Qlik Support Policy.






Support and Professional Services; who to contact when.

We're happy to help! Here's a breakdown of resources for each type of need.


Support   Professional Services (*)
Reactively fixes technical issues as well as answers narrowly defined specific questions. Handles administrative issues to keep the product up-to-date and functioning.   Proactively accelerates projects, reduces risk, and achieves optimal configurations. Delivers expert help for training, planning, implementation, and performance improvement.
  • Error messages ​
  • Task crashes​
  • Latency issues (due to errors or 1-1 mode)
  • Performance degradation without config changes​
  • Specific questions​
  • Licensing requests​
  • Bug Report / Hotfixes ​
  • Not functioning as designed or documented​
  • Software regression
  • Deployment Implementation​
  • Setting up new endpoints​
  • Performance Tuning​
  • Architecture design or optimization​
  • Automation​
  • Customization​
  • Environment Migration​
  • Health Check​
  • New functionality walkthrough​
  • Realtime upgrade assistance

(*) reach out to your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager




Qlik Support: How to access the support you need



1. Qlik Community, Forums & Knowledge Base

Your first line of support:

Looking for content? Type your question into our global search bar:

Search The Community.png


The Knowledge Base

Leverage the enhanced and continuously updated Knowledge Base to find solutions to your questions and best practice guides. Bookmark this page for quick access!

  1. Go to the Official Support Articles Knowledge base
  2. Type your question into our Search Engine

    search the knowledge base.png

  3. Need more filters?
    1. Filter by Product
    2. Or switch tabs to browse content in the global community, on our Help Site, or even on our Youtube channel

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Our Support programs:

Q&A with Qlik
Live sessions with Qlik Experts in which we focus on your questions).

Techspert Talks
Techspert Talks is a free webinar to facilitate knowledge sharing held on a monthly basis.

Qlik Fix
Qlik Fix is a series of short video with helpful solutions for Qlik customers and partners.


The Qlik Forums



Suggest an idea, and influence the next generation of Qlik features!

Search & Submit Ideas
Ideation Guidelines


How to create a Qlik ID

Get the full value of the community.

Register a Qlik ID:

  1. Go to:
  2. You must enter your company name exactly as it appears on your license or there will be significant delays in getting access.
  3. You will receive a system-generated email with an activation link for your new account. NOTE, this link will expire after 24 hours.

    If you need additional details, see: Additional guidance on registering for a Qlik account
    If you encounter problems with your Qlik ID, contact us through Live Chat!


2. Chat

Incidents are supported through our Chat, by clicking Contact Support on any Support Page across Qlik Community.

Contact Support Button.png

To raise a new issue, all you need to do is chat with us. With this, we can:

  • Answer common questions instantly through our chatbot
  • Have a live agent troubleshoot in real time
  • With items that will take further investigating, we will create a case on your behalf with step-by-step intake questions


To create a case using chat:

  1. Log in to the community with your business account prior to requesting a case to be logged
  2. Open chat
  3. Type Create a case 
  4. When prompted, choose A Support Issue or Question 
  5. Choose how you would classify your question:
    • AccountAccess, or License related
    • Data Analytics product related
    • Data Integration product related
    • or Qlik Cloud product related
  6. Choose if you would prefer to speak to a Live Agent or Create a Case
  7. Enter your business email associated with your Qlik Support Portal
  8. Choose the Qlik Product your query is about
  9. Follow any additional prompts
  10. Choose your Severity (General Inquiry/Assistance or Major functionality issue)
  11. Summarize and describe the issue in as much detail as possible.
  12. The case will be created and you will receive an email confirming the case number. You can immediately review and modify the case in our Case Management Portal.


How to create a case using chatHow to create a case using chat


3. Qlik Support Case Portal

Log in to manage and track your active cases in Manage Cases. (click)

Your advantages:

  • ​Self-service access to all incidents so that you can track progress
  • Option to upload documentation and troubleshooting files
  • Option to include additional stakeholders and watchers to view active cases​
  • Follow-up conversations


Escalate a Support Case

If you require a support case escalation, you have two options:

  1. Request to escalate within the case, mentioning the business reasons.

    To escalate a support incident successfully, mention your intention to escalate in the open support case. This will begin the escalation process.

  2. Contact your Regional Support Manager

    If more attention is required, contact your regional support manager. You can find a full list of regional support managers in the How to escalate a support case article.



A collection of useful links.

Qlik Cloud Status Page
Keep up to date with Qlik Cloud's status.

Support Policy
Review our Service Level Agreements and License Agreements.

Live Chat and Case Portal
Your one stop to contact us.

Partner - Contributor
Partner - Contributor

Good Day,

Please could you add me to the decision Inc account. [edited to ensure privacy]

Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello @kbenham 

I have logged a ticket on your behalf and have edited the email addresses out of your comment to ensure privacy.

All the best,

Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Just tried it.
The chat bot for installation issues only knows 3 products, which does NOT include Nprinting (AND there is no button for goback/other issue/...) to escape the dialogue). 😞

Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator


still a little bit work in progress 😉

Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello @john_oll !

I'll forward your feedback to the relevant team. Thank you!

All the best,

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

@Sonja_Bauernfeind Does Qlik still offer phone-based support for Qlik Support Tickets?  In the past, there were times when we leveraged the number 1-877-754-5843 to contact Qlik.  This was especially helpful for priority tickets.  I tried to use this recently and found that the hotline is still active, but it doesn't allow you to get in contact with anyone.


I did find an article where it shows phone-based support is still available for Replicate and Compose, but its a different number.


Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello @jeremyseipel 

Apologies for the initial delay. I've sent you a direct message!

All the best,

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III


can i get some contact to clear my doubts on licences. there are no phone numbers mentioned anywhere and support tickets raised are so late to respond because it is not product related.

[phone number was edited out]

Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello @Flosom 

Please start a chat with our agents (Contact Support button in the bottom right corner of this screen). They will assist you with finding the correct answer to your license question. 

I have removed your phone number from this post to remove identifying information from the public. 

All the best,

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Hi @Sonja_Bauernfeind ,

Its not working. Its still stuck at some old request that i had raised. It would be great if i can have a call with someone at the earliest as i have customers waiting for licenses, or give me a contact number and i can call them up



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