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How to remove the Idle Connections from Nprinting Related processes

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Digital Support

How to remove the Idle Connections from Nprinting Related processes

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Nov 15, 2023 5:16:58 AM

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Aug 28, 2018 3:44:59 AM

Description of Property "force-unused-resolvers-closure-policy":

  • On the NP Server add a setting to a scheduler.config file that will force closure of the internal connections (qv.exe processes) once they have become idle. 
  • Forcing resolver closures may be useful if engine machines have low RAM capability and/or in case of NP connections to Large* Qlik Applications.
  • "0" is Default Value/Default NPrinting Behavior: a resolver will be closed only if it is the best option based on current load and what the internal algorithm determines
  • "1" force closure of all open resolvers: when the system does not have open execution requests upon them
  • "2" force closure of idle connections: if the connection is used occasionally - weekly, monthly, yearly etc. vs connections that a used with reports that run on a schedule trigger daily or hourly.


*NOTE: The term 'Large' is relative to the amount of RAM on your NP server. If low Ram like 64 or 128 GB RAM, then 1 GB QVW is 'large' since it may grow as large as 10 GB in memory. Then if you have 8 cores, it will open 16 processes each potentially with 10 GB each since NPrinting will use every core process by default to generate a single report. (



Qlik NPrinting June 2018 or higher. Do not apply to previous versions. 




NOTE: Please ensure to back up the scheduler.config file before proceeding

  1. Stop the NPrinting services on the NPrinting Server. Please stop all NP engines if installed on different server computers.
  2. Make a copy of "C:\Program Files\NPrintingServer\NPrinting\Scheduler\scheduler.config"
  3. Launch Notepad as an admin and edit "C:\Program Files\NPrintingServer\NPrinting\Scheduler\scheduler.config"
  4.  Add the following key:
    <add key="force-unused-resolvers-closure-policy" value="1" /> 
    right before the final  </appSettings> line
  5. Save the file and restart all the NP services. 
  6. Please restart all NP engines if installed on different server computers.

Note: Config file changes are overwritten upon upgrading NPrinting. Please apply these changes again after upgrading if the issues persist.
We recommend to follow this article in case the problem persists.

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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

I was having an issue with the below error in nPrinting when using Pixel Perfect and Qlikview data. For large reports (500 pages +) I sometimes was getting the objects hanging and the below error in the nPrinting engine log:

Navigator stuck or died on connection navigator=qlikview;documentpath="", forcing close of resolver. 3 unprocessed request(s) will be reenqueued. ERROR: Qlik.Reporting.Engine.Messages.Exceptions.NavigatorDiedException

I implemented this change and

based on Qlik support feedback and they have resolved the issue. 

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