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How to terminate a Qlik Replicate task on Windows

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How to terminate a Qlik Replicate task on Windows

A Qlik Replicate task can generally be stopped from the Qlik Replicate web console. However, sometimes stopping the task takes longer than anticipated. A delay in the task being stopped can be caused by, for example:

  • completion of handling the current batch of changes,
  • ending the connections to the source and target database

If you plan to reload the task or to start it from a timestamp, you have the option to kill or terminate the task at the operating system level, as the task will not need to reference its stop position to resume where it left off. A reload or start from a timestamp is considered a fresh start of the task.

Never manually terminate or kill the task if you intend to resume the task and see this entry in the task log:

00009760: 2022-05-23T23:30:49 [UTILITIES       ]I:  The last state is saved to file 'D:\Program Files\Attunity\Replicate\data\tasks\TASK_NAME/StateManager/ars_saved_state_000002.sts' at Tue, 24 May 2022 04:30:41 GMT (1653366641301364)  (statemanager.c:642)

How to terminate a Qlik Replicate task

  1. Open the Windows task manager
  2. Open the Details tab

    task manager details.png

  3. Enable the Command Line column
    1. Right-Click on any column header
    2. Choose Select column 

      select columns.png

    3. Scroll down and tick the Command line checkbox, then click OK

      command line column.png

  4. Expand the width of the Command Line column so you can see all of its content
  5. Scroll down to the repctl.exe entries and review the Command Line column for the task name you want to terminate.

    The name immediately follows reptasksrv. In this example, the task name is 109513:

    name of task.png
  6. Right-click the process and select End task

After the task has been terminated, please check with your source and target DBA to ensure any orphaned connections are ended.



Qlik Replicate, all versions


The information in this article is provided as-is and to be used at own discretion. Depending on tool(s) used, customization(s), and/or other factors ongoing support on the solution below may not be provided by Qlik Support.

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