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Long term offline use for Qlik NPrinting Signed Licenses

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Digital Support

Long term offline use for Qlik NPrinting Signed Licenses

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Mar 17, 2022 4:00:30 AM

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Jan 18, 2021 10:35:58 AM

In this article, we cover the configuration of NPrinting for use with a long term offline Signed License Definition (SLD). 

The Signed License Definition  also allows a  90 days offline usage per Delayed Sync, (without the long term offline approval). 


  • No license has long term offline capability enabled by default! 
  • Long term offline capability needs to be specifically approved by Qlik and the conditions of offline use agreed to by the customer. See Request license off-line approval - April 2020 and onwards.
  • Once approval has been obtained through the CSO, the license will be modified with an additional attribute OFFLINE;YES;;
  • Additional configuration changes are necessary for permanent offline mode to function




Configuration changes needed:

  1. Stop the NPrinting License Service
  2. In a Windows File Explorer, navigate to \Program Files\NPrintingServer\NPrinting\License\
  3. Open license.config in a text editor
  4. Add the following tag:
    <add key="offline" value="true" />
  5. Start the NPrinting License Service
  6.  License NPrinting by pasting its  appropriate SLD

NOTE - Once the changes has been done you will need to retrieve the updated SLD key via this link - and then apply the same for successful offline activation


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