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Maximum characters in Qlik Sense table cell tooltips and table cell tooltips

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Maximum characters in Qlik Sense table cell tooltips and table cell tooltips

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Mar 13, 2024 10:54:21 AM

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Mar 7, 2024 2:42:17 AM

How many characters can be viewed as data in a table object cell and what is the maximum number of characters visible in a table cell tooltip?

This article covers table cells, including their tooltips. For custom tooltip information and limitations, see Creating custom tooltips (Qlik Cloud) and Custom tooltips (Qlik Sense on-premise).  

Table object cell has a very high limit and depends on the limitation from Excel. For example, when importing from Excel, the Excel file's limitation itself is 32943 characters for Microsoft Excel 2016.

One caveat to this limitation is that likely not all of the characters will be displayed in the table cell. The number of characters displayed will depend on how wide the column displayed is made and the displayable view (definition). To view all the characters it will likely be necessary to export the data to an Excel file.

The table cell tooltip depends on the browser used when viewing the app. This limitation is not configurable or manageable by Qlik and entirely depends on the browser's native limitations as these tooltips are provided by the browser itself. Other Qlik Sense objects do not have the same character limit for their tooltips (see custom tooltips).  



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