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Migrating NPrinting to Qlik Cloud Reporting

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Digital Support

Migrating NPrinting to Qlik Cloud Reporting

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Sep 15, 2023 4:33:54 AM

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Sep 15, 2023 4:33:54 AM

This Techspert Talks session covers:

  • What Qlik Cloud Reporting can do
  • Alerts and Subscriptions
  • Migration process


  • 01:29 - Qlik Cloud Reporting strategy
  • 02:13 - How to Monitor Charts
  • 04:18 - How to set Data Alerts and Subscriptions
  • 06:32 - Shared Subscriptions with Section Access
  • 07:49 - How to use Automation with Reporting
  • 09:23 - Using Themes
  • 11:08 - Distributing to Recipient Lists
  • 13:18 - Excel Tabular Reports with the Qlik Add-in
  • 16:58 - How to use Reporting Templates
  • 18:53 - Using Filters
  • 20:30 - Using NPrinting Excel report templates
  • 22:36 - Q&A: How to trigger a monthly report?
  • 23:11 - Q&A: How many reports sent for free?
  • 24:36 - Q&A: Can NPrinting templates be used in Qlik Cloud?
  • 25:21 - Q&A: Available Report format options?
  • 26:12 - Q&A: Can selections be applied dynamically?
  • 27:05 - Q&A: A separate license for Cloud Reporting?
  • 27:48 - Q&A: What Role is needed for Alerts/Subscriptions?
  • 28:24 - Q&A: Is App Access required?
  • 28:53 - Q&A: Will Alerting and NPrinting be deprecated?
  • 29:53 - Q&A: Is the EAP still open?



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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

I think that the video was fantastic esp. with topics categorized by chapters especially when you want to share this video with the team in which English is not their native language - thank you! In the video, there was a conversation on tabular reporting. Is this different from the annnouncement of report tasks written in the white paper "Guide to Qlik Cloud Reporting" issued in May 2023 p10 under Tabular Reports that says "...Report tasks will be governed and managed within the Qlik Sense application experience. Check out Qlik Community in the second half of 2023 for updates on availability."

Digital Support
Digital Support

Hi Yoko,

I'm not familiar with that specific white paper, but yes. That does sound like the same capability offering that Andrew was highlighting. It's mentioned in the video that the target goal for that becoming generally available is the end of the year.

Best regards,

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