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Out of Memory Error when Importing/Exporting Metadata in Qlik Catalog

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Out of Memory Error when Importing/Exporting Metadata in Qlik Catalog

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Jul 4, 2023 9:22:14 AM

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Jul 4, 2023 9:22:14 AM

Importing or Exporting Metadata in Qlik Catalog leads to an Out of Memory error (img 1).

out of memory.png



This is caused by the /metadataImport/viewLogs listing, which truncates the status log message to 500 characters.

The August 2023 release contains a code fix for this behavior. The full status log will still be returned when "View Details" is invoked for an individual record. The August 2023 release will also speed up the database retrieval for this table.

Workaround until August 2023 is available:

As a short-term workaround, database records can be truncated to avoid returning too much data to the browser. To achieve this, we need to truncate the status log column for all import/export records to the last 500 characters:

update podium_core.pd_data_migration_workorder set status_log=right(status_log,500);

You can run this command using PgAdmin for Postgres:



The issue is caused by extremely large "Information Message" status associated with each record. This is column "status_log" in podium_md database table "pd_data_migration_workorder". We was able to reproduce the issue by writing 4MB status_log to each row and then reloading that page. The most recent 100 status are loaded. The API call that is executed is:


The full status log is returned with each of the 100 records.



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