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Qlik Compose: Dropping Staging tables

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Qlik Compose: Dropping Staging tables

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Oct 3, 2023 5:54:33 AM

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When executing the task in DWH, there is no mention of Dropping the Staging tables in the ETL statements. Qlik Compose shows the creation and truncation of these tables only:

task statements.png

Explanation of the behavior:

For TMP tables and TSTG tables, whenever the Qlik Compose engine sees a create statement for these tables, and that is the statement shown in the ETL statements list, it does a DROP for that table in the background (Silently) : 

pool-2-thread-5 2023-10-03 13:29:37.554 [engine ] [VERBOSE] [] PI# 5 BEGIN dropSilentBeforeCreate()
pool-2-thread-5 2023-10-03 13:29:37.636 [engine ] [TRACE ] [] PI# 5 Performed implicit DROP TABLE [ADAM_DWH].[dboAdam].[TSTG_Categories]
pool-2-thread-5 2023-10-03 13:29:37.636 [engine ] [VERBOSE] [] PI# 5 END dropSilentBeforeCreate()

The same behavior can be seen for all the TMP tables Qlik Compose creates.

To verify this, run the task at TRACE level logs, and look for dropSilentBeforeCreate in the logs.

The staging tables are not dropped for customer convenience. This facilitates the development of user-defined statements like Pre/Post Loading ETL and Single/Multi Table ETL, which often involve these tables. Additionally, customers find it useful to have them available for adding test data during their development process, especially when Qlik Compose is not active.


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