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Qlik Replicate: Data Loss with Endpoint Source SAP HANA Triggers

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Qlik Replicate: Data Loss with Endpoint Source SAP HANA Triggers

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Nov 20, 2023 5:51:38 AM

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Tables replicated from Source to Target show data loss when the Source is an SAP HANA trigger based Endpoint. This is seen specifically to V2 or Log Table mode only.


To use an SAP HANA Trigger based Endpoint, the maxRowIdFromView Internal Parameter must be removed. This will prevent data loss using the SAP HANA trigger based Endpoint.

The internal parameter maxRowIdFromView will be deprecated by Qlik in a future release. No date can yet be provided.

To remove the Internal Parameter:

  1. Go to the  Endpoint connection
  2. Switch to the Advanced tab
  3. Click Internal Parameters
  4. Locate maxRowIdFromView and uncheck or remove it

    maxrowidfromview internal parameter.png

    For more information about Internal Parameters, see Qlik Replicate: How to set Internal Parameters and what are they for?


maxRowIdFromView allows Qlik Replicate to use the M_CS_TABLES system table to poll for the $rowid$ value which considers uncommitted transactions as well. Unchecking the parameter will allow Qlik Replicate to poll max($rowid$) directly from the attrep_cdc_log table.

CTS Mode is the direction recommended for Trigger Based customers.



Qlik Replicate 


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