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Qlik Replicate: Diagnostic Package Analysis Script

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Qlik Replicate: Diagnostic Package Analysis Script





This is a handy tool to run against a diagnostic package downloaded from Replicate. The diagnostic package contains recent log files (less than 10MB) and task information which is helpful for troubleshooting issues.

The goal of the script is to search for common key words or phrases quickly without having to open and read each log manually.

It is meant to be run on a linux environment with bash or shell scripting enabled.  In the steps below, I am connecting to a Centos machine with MobaXterm.  Then I am viewing the report with WinSCP after connecting to the same machine. 


Files : shell script to set up instance folder, and then trigger the script : script to search through task.json and log files for information related to metadata, errors, warnings and then prints a report.

These files are included in which is attached to the article.  When you unpack them make sure they are executable (chmod +x ..).




1. Download both scripts and move them to an environment with bash/shell enabled.


2. In the same folder or directory location, upload the diagnostic package as a zipped file.

*Note this can be the only zip file in the directory when running the ./





3. When you run the script, ./, you must supply and folder name. When I use this, I call the folder the case name, but could be the task name, etc.


#./ squeeze_example





This will create a new folder in the directory called 'squeeze_example' with the unzipped contents of the diagnostic package and the report_date.out file.


Here is a sample of the report_date.out file. 







The information in this article is provided as-is and to be used at own discretion. Depending on tool(s) used, customization(s), and/or other factors ongoing support on the solution below may not be provided by Qlik Support.


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