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Qlik Replicate Global Transformation: Soft Delete Limitation

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Qlik Replicate Global Transformation: Soft Delete Limitation

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Apr 3, 2023 2:43:05 AM

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Mar 29, 2023 10:48:47 AM

Global expressions are not propagated to all tables. 

Defining a soft delete transformation can be done on each individual table as needed. However, if you want to do it for all tables in the task you will want to use a Global Transformation.  


The issue manifested when defining a Global Expression to do a soft delete.

The field is supposed to be automatically added to all tables in the task. The field was not added to all tables. It was random results as some tables had the field and others did not.

When reviewing the process of defining the expression we noticed there are two screens which would allow you to enter the expression.

When we used both the Transformation Scope / Advanced Options screen and the Transformation Action / Value screen, not all tables got the field. 

Example: Transformation Scope, with Advanced Options expanded:

scope expression transformation scope.png




  1. Use Transformation Action > Value instead and leave the Transformation Scope Advanced option blank.

    This resulted in all tables getting the field added.

    New Transformation Rule.png

  2. If you have already entered the expression in the Transformation Scope > Advanced Option, remove the expression. 


#Qlik Replicate 

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Contributor II
Contributor II

I have similar question. Global Transformation for soft delete works for me but when delete operation becomes update to soft delete the record it just retains the primary key columns and wipes out all other columns of the table.  How can I retain other columns ?

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