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Qlik Replicate: No data retrieved from SAP Extractor source

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Qlik Replicate: No data retrieved from SAP Extractor source

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Jun 30, 2023 4:34:02 AM

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An SAP Extractor replicate job is built over a standard SAP HR extractor. When executed without any selection criteria over SAP RSA3 transaction, the extractor includes data. However, the data is not coming out of the Qlik Replicate task.


Enabling the SAP Init checkbox on the SAP extractor

This change needs to be carried out on the SAP side. Please consult your SAP admin for details.
  1. Log in to your SAP system.
  2. Choose Tools:
    1. Business Warehouse
    2. Metadata Repository
    3. Extraction
    4. Choose the desired extractor
    5. Extractor Maintenance
    6. Locate the Init or SAP Init checkbox
    7. Enable Init checkbox for the extraction process to initiate a connection to the SAP system before extracting data.
  3. Save your changes.
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