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Qlik Replicate: Salesforce Incremental + SOAP Data is not being written to Target DB (Snowflake)

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Qlik Replicate: Salesforce Incremental + SOAP Data is not being written to Target DB (Snowflake)

A Qlik Replicate task moving data directly from Salesforce Incremental + SOAP endpoint is not writing data to Snowflake Target. All changes are being written/saved to disk and not applied to the target.

An error to watch out for:

Failed to get data in table 'Event'. Error message: null, cause: null



Error message: null, cause: null 

This is connection error on Soap API request, most probably due to timeout, since other requests works fine and there are no network issues.

Soap API is good for small amount of data, but for big results, bulk is much faster and has longer timeouts.

As per Salesforce documentation:

query() and queryMore() Batch size limits The maximum batch size is 2,000 records, but this number is only a suggestion. To maximize performance, the requested batch size isn’t necessarily the actual batch size. Salesforce Web Service Connector (WSC) clients can set the batch size by calling setQueryOptions() on the connection object. C# client applications can change the batch size in the QueryOptions portion of the SOAP header before invoking the query() call.

If the SOQL statement selects two or more custom fields of type long text, the batch size can’t be greater than 200 records. This limit prevents large SOAP messages from being returned.



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