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Qlik Replicate fills up space in Postgres database

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Qlik Replicate fills up space in Postgres database

A PostgreSQL database has caused a disk to fill up or a storage limit to be reached. Services have been stopped.

Upon further investigation, it was detected that an inactive replication slot for a Postgresql database has filled up with lag data. This lag exists because the replication slot is still being filled but not consumed. 


Upgrade to a Qlik Replicate version at or above version 2022.5.

If an upgrade is not yet possible, add the retryStartRepSlotActive and timeoutBetweenStartRepSlotRetry internal parameters as a workaround. This value indicates how frequently Qlik Replicate should attempt to start a replication slot before giving up. By default, the value is set to 5. 

For instructions on how to add internal parameters, see Qlik Replicate: How to set Internal Parameters and what are they for? 

  1. Stop the task
  2. Set the following parameters:

    retryStartRepSlotActive (begin with a value of 10)
    timeoutBetweenStartRepSlotRetry (begin with a value of 15)

  3. Resume the task.


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