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Qlik SAAS SharePoint connector 403 error when trying to select data in the preview

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Qlik SAAS SharePoint connector 403 error when trying to select data in the preview

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May 10, 2022 1:34:28 PM

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Apr 19, 2022 10:08:02 AM

You might encounter a 403 error when trying to select data from a new created SharePoint connection in Qlik Sense SAAS:


This error might occur even though the creation of the connection was successfully tested and created for a specific SharePoint Site/ Subsite:


Probably the root cause of this issue might be not enough user permissions on that specific SharePoint Site/ Subsite. For troubleshooting purposes please try to setup the Qlik SharePoint connection with a SharePoint admin user and try to reproduce the issue again, usually the error should not appear anymore.



  • Qlik Sense Cloud Services
  • Qlik SharePoint connector


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This is happening with Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows  release Feb 2023 Patch 6.

The user can create a connection with the builtin sharepoint 365 connector and test it successfully.  When he tries to use it to select data, he gets a 403.

He is able to drill down via the Sharepoint Site ( not thru Qlik Sense) from the root down to the folder where his excel document resides and open the document without getting an error.  

He is able to create the connection in Qlik Sense and test the connection successfully.  

The error only shows when he tries to select data. 

This doesn't make sense since he can drill down from top level thru the path to his document when he is in Sharepoint 365.  

Can someone please explain where the permission issue exists?

Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows , Qlik Sense Office 365 Sharepoint connection, permissions

Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello @mjht 

The Qlik SharePoint connector is based on the MS API, as such it is likely that the user does not have all the required permissions on a specific site to drill down using the API. We recommend reviewing the log files and contacting your SharePoint admin.

Should that not help you resolve the issue, please post in our forums, where our active community and our agents can help you further.

Example forum: Connectivity & Data Prep.

All the best,

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