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Qlik SAP Connector: /QTQVC/STATUS and Monitoring Job

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Qlik SAP Connector: /QTQVC/STATUS and Monitoring Job

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Apr 18, 2023 6:13:22 AM

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The table /QTQVC/STATUS stores information about all jobs started for all connectors. When performed in background mode, the table is also used to store the result of Qlik database tables deletions.

Transaction SM37 can be used to monitor the jobs running in SAP system and/or get the complete report on the job's status and logs.

To monitor jobs running in the SAP system, do the following:

  1. From the SAP side, run Transaction SM37
  2. From the initial screen, you can search by the (a) job name and the (b) user name, then click (c) Execute.

    simple job selection in SAP.png

  3. Overview result: The label in "Status" column could be Released, Started, Finished, Aborted, Keep and Job Cancel.

    Job Overview in SAP.png



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