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Qlik Sense : Example of a LDAP filter to sync users in a group

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Digital Support
Digital Support

Qlik Sense : Example of a LDAP filter to sync users in a group

How to create a filter that only sync users in a group.


  1. Open the Microsoft Active Directory Users and Computers module (see

    Qlik Sense on Windows: Configuring and testing LDAP filters for User Directory Connector )

    Find the group in the memberOf (could be a different name in LDAP flavors other than AD).

  2. Copy the group

  3. Add this filter to your LDAP/AD connector

    (&(objectCategory=person)(objectClass=user)(memberof=CN=DL-Product Management Team,OU=DL,OU=Activate Groups,DC=qliktech,DC=com))

    Exchange the italic text for your group

  4. Note that if the used rootAdmin account is accidentally excluded from the LDAP filter results, the account may be come deactivated in Qlik Sense. In order to prevent this see How to avoid the RootAdmin(s) from becoming inactive.
  5. Save user directory connector and sync.




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@Andre_Sostizzo Do you have similar document for Qlik Nprinting as well?

We were trying to pull users from AD group using Import from LDAP source option but unable to fetch any users. 

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