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Qlik Sense Google BigQuery connector: 'invalid_grant' error with user authentication

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Qlik Sense Google BigQuery connector: 'invalid_grant' error with user authentication


The problem occurs when using the Google BigQuery connector (part of the ODBC Connector Package) with user authentication.
The connector is not able to fetch data and it fails also when the connection is tested. The reloads fail with this error message:
Authentication failed: invalid_grant.


The problem occurs even after applying the workaround for the OAuth out-of-bound flow deprecation described in this article and after the upgrade to Qlik Sense May 2022 SR8 or higher releases that have this fix incorporated.


  • All supported Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows versions


The solution consists is substituting the qsdfw_qsefw.qliksourceconfig file in the failing environment with a correct one.

  1. Upgrade to Qlik Sense May 2022 patch 7 or patch 8. Proceed with the steps below if the problem is still present.
  2. Download the file from this page.
  3. Open the C:\Program Files\Common Files\Qlik\Custom Data\QvOdbcConnectorPackage folder.
  4. Rename or remove the file qsdfw_qsefw.qliksourceconfig.
  5. Extract the downloaded zip file in the folder in order to replace the file just renamed.
  6. Perform the steps 2-5 on all the Qlik Sense nodes.

If this solution cannot be applied, a possible workaround is to use the driver directly with a system DSN. To do this it is necessary to configure a Simba Google BigQuery ODBC Connector on the machine.


The problem is currently under investigation (QB-16841). It is possible that the qsdfw_qsefw.qliksourceconfig file in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Qlik\Custom Data\QvOdbcConnectorPackage is not update correctly when the workaround is applied or when Qlik Sense is upgraded. This may be due to strict security settings on the environment.

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