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Qlik Sense May 2022: failing to load a field type NCLOB or CLOB when connecting to Oracle DB

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Qlik Sense May 2022: failing to load a field type NCLOB or CLOB when connecting to Oracle DB

The following error or similar could be generated when loading data of type NCLOB or CLOB from an Oracle Data Source.


ERROR [HY000] [Qlik][OracleOCI] (3000) Oracle Caller Interface: ORA-00942:the table or view does not exist


 Only fields of data type NCLOB or CLOB are affected.



  • Qlik Sense Enterprise May 2022 and other earlier versions.




Fix Version

August 2022 Patch 1
May 2022 Patch 7
February 2022 Patch 10
November 2021 Patch 15
and any later releases.


A workaround could be a downgrade of Qlik ODBC connector package to the previous working version. Alternatively, you can reach out to Qlik Support in order to get a temporary fixed ODBC connector package version 6.191 (a new official patch will be provided soon).

See How to upgrade the Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows ODBC Connector Packages for instructions on how to swap out the ODBC Connector Package for Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows.



Product Defect ID: QB-10789

Creator III
Creator III

Has anyone noticed if this issue also is affecting Oracle SQL queries that are using a function, like substr() ---- or a custom stored function?


Hello @Joseph_Musekura 

there still seems to be something not working in the oracle connector in the nov 2022 patch 2. 

all oracle queries that use joins seem to fail (no error messages, they just keep loading). normal/simple queries seem ok. 

could you check? thanks

Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello @mikaelsc 

Please raise a support case for this issue, as it will require an investigation. You can use our chat bot (the blue contact support button in the lower right) to get started.

All the best,

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