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Qlik Sense Upgrade fails with: This version of Qlik Sense requires a _ database for _

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Qlik Sense Upgrade fails with: This version of Qlik Sense requires a _ database for _

Upgrading Qlik Sense running a standalone/remote PostgreSQL Database or a PostgreSQL Database upgraded with the Qlik PostgreSQL Installer fails with the following error:


Setup Requirements

The following information has been collected from your system:

This version of Qlik Sense requires a 'SenseServices' database for multi cloud capabilities. Ensure that you have created a 'SenseService' database in your cluster before upgrading. For more information see Installing and configuring PostgreSQL. 

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  1. Verify that the database is started.

    For stand-alone PostgreSQL installations, the database needs to run for the installer to be able to verify its requirements. 

    The requirement extends to Qlik Sense systems in which the PostgreSQL database has been upgraded with the Qlik PostgreSQL Installer.

  2. Verify that all required databases are created before the upgrade. 

    See your version of Qlik Sense to verify what databases are required: Databases.

    For detailed instructions on how to install and configure PostgreSQL, see: Installing and Configuring PostgreSQL 

    For an example of the above with the Licenses database, see This version of Qlik Sense requires a 'Licenses' database for license capabilities. Ensure that you ...

  3. Is traffic encryption enabled?

    Looking at the Connection String using the Qlik Sense Utility tool (stored under C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Repository\Util\QlikSenseUtil) verify if the parameter Ssl Mode=Require is included.

    The Qlik Sense installer cannot use SSL encryption for establishing connection to PostgreSQL. When SSL encryption is enabled, the installer does not recognize any already installed PostgreSQL databases, and as a consequence, installation cannot be completed.

    Workaround: Temporarily disable traffic encryption for the connection to the Qlik Sense database(s) prior to upgrading Qlik Sense Enterprise. See Qlik Sense - Setting up database traffic encryption 

    Reference: Database traffic encryption

  4. Is FIPS enabled?

    The next most common scenario is that the server which Qlik Sense is installed is configured to enforce FIPS policy. Due to a dependency in the install, additional steps are needed to allow the installer to operate in a FIPS environment. Reference article Unable to install Qlik Sense to a remote PostgreSQL database with FIPS enabled for more details on the resolution for this variant of blockers.

  5. Incorrect Database ownership

    A previous upgrade failure or inconsistency can cause the QMSQ database ownership to be incorrect. Since the Qlik Sense installer tries to validate the connection to all underlying databases, a failure to do so against any of them will result in a failure to upgrade.

    For instructions on how to resolve this issue, see Qlik Sense Upgrade fails: Initializing 'QSMQ' database.


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