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Salesforce - Authentication and Scope overview

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Salesforce - Authentication and Scope overview

This article outlines more information on what data of Salesforce does Qlik Application Automation has access to and steps involved in connecting to Salesforce.

Authentication for Salesforce connector is based on the oAuth2 Protocol. Qlik Application Automation uses a configured Salesforce app and has the below scopes configured:

  • api: Access and manage your data

  • id, profile, email, address, phone: Access your basic information

  • lightning: Allow access to Lightning applications

  • openid: Allow access to unique identifiers

  • refresh_token, offline_access: Performs requests on your behalf at any time


Here are the steps to connect to Salesforce:

  1.  Select the block and connect to your Salesforce instance by navigating to the 'Connection' tab in the right rail and select an existing connection. (Or)

  2. Click on 'Connect your Salesforce' and Save the Salesforce environment (Live or Sandbox) of your choice and click on 'Link Connection' on the next window.

  3.  Now, you can see a new login page popping up for you to enter your credentials.

  4.  Once you log in to your Salesforce instance you may get a Consent screen that lists all the permissions the Qlik Application Automation is asking to perform the Automations. Click on 'Allow' to complete the connection.

    Consent screen.png


Additional information and references:

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