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Saving your Gold Client Data Snap criteria for reuse

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Saving your Gold Client Data Snap criteria for reuse

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Mar 16, 2021 2:18:28 PM

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May 29, 2020 4:50:34 PM

Gold Client has two methods for initiating data exports, one that is ideal for ad hoc data copies and one that is better suited for repeatable / periodic data copies. Data Snap is best for the former whereas Export Control is best for the latter. 

In order to reuse your inputs, you must first create a (data) Scenario which is the Gold Client equivalent of an SAP variant. Data Snap is the easiest and quickest way for users to create Scenarios in Gold Client (it is also possible to create them using the Intelligent Slice and Scenario Segment functions but those are more suited for niche use cases).

Once the Scenario is created, use the Export Control function to add it to either a new or existing Export ID; you can also add it to multiple Export ID's if suitable (but keep in mind that it becomes a shared object so updating it in one place will mean it is updated in all assigned Export ID's). Once the assignment is complete, you can then initiate the export of this data set from Export Control at the user's convenience and without having to add inputs.

Be aware that you can also update the data selection criteria within Export Control. 

So if you find yourself using Data Snap and consistently entering the same inputs (Data Type, export description, and selection criteria), consider saving yourself some time and use the 'Save As Scenario' function instead.

The one caveat with the above use case is that the user may not have access to Export Control as it does tend to be more limited than Data Snap. Of course this access can be pursued or the user can lean on a colleague who has this additional authority.

For more how-to help, reference the Gold Client Data Echo User Guide.

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