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Hey guys - thanks for taking a minute to watch my message on what's planned for the August sessions of the Do More with Qlik for Beginners and Beyond webinar series. I hope to see you there and please leave your questions and comments below. 

August 6th

I’ll be presenting Set Analysis as requested by one of our Qlik community members. Set Analysis has been around for a while and is covered frequently, but  still can confuse many new users if they can’t grasp the expression structure. I’ll share some basics and advanced techniques including some tips that will help you on your way to becoming a Set Analysis master.

August 20th

Please join me and my special guest @joe_warbington, Industry Solutions Director of Vizlib and former Qlikkie  – who will show us how to quickly design super custom visuals and new interfaces with Qlik Sense using Vizlib extensions. Joe will also dive deep into a use case based on mainstream entertainment data which is near and dear to my interests, and he’ll even show you how ne built it. So get ready for Do More with Qlik this August, because we're going to show you even more of what Qlik Sense is capable of. You don’t want to miss it



Mike Tarallo

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Contributor III
Contributor III

So Qlik now officially promotes VizLib. Can't imagine how dissapointed I am atm. Instead of buying them out and merge it into the product You encourage ppl to pay annually for the functionalities that You already paid to Qlik and should be in standard all along.

Contributor III
Contributor III

I completely agree. Vizlib is a great tool with many basic functionalities thats Qlik Sense needs to implement as a default. Whats their motivation to work on this functionalities if they promote external vendors that have them.

Tables and KPIs in Vizlib are so much better than Qliksense basic ones, i don't understand how they are not working on having something similar.

Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Thanks @Michael_Tarallo !

I'm putting together some fun things for this to show people how to push the boundaries of Qlik Sense. Hoping people will have a new appreciation for how apps can be built and used. 💡

A preview of some features I may cover from our latest release: 


@Mirham @BeeGees et al

One thing I'm very proud of is how easy it is to integrate and build on top of Qlik with all our APIs, a truly unique feature. Thanks to that we have a large ecosystem of technical partners that brings their unique solutions to Qlik. So of course we promote our partners, at Qlik World and sessions like this.

If you haven't paid attention I would recommend to take a look at some of the new features that we recently added to the tables:

  • Highlight row on hover (2020 June)
  • Scrollbar size (2020 June)
  • Sparklines (2020 June)
  • Freeze column on touch devices (2020 April)
  • Relative modifier (2020 April)
  • URL label search (2020 April)
  • Difference modifier (2020 February)
  • Moving average modifier (2020 February)
  • Table Indicators (2020 February)
  • Accumulation modifier(2019 November)
  • Header and cell font size and color (2019 November)
  • Copy cell value (2019 June)
  • Conditional Show on columns (2018 June)