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With the Thanksgiving holidays just around the corner, there are many reasons to give thanks in the November 2021 release of Qlik Replicate and Qlik Enterprise. Read on for more details

Giving Thanks for the updates in Qlik Replicate and Enterprise Manager November 2021

With the Thanksgiving holidays just around the corner, there are good reasons to give thanks in the latest release of Qlik Replicate November 2021. Along with the several performance improvements with existing endpoints, we have now also completed the support for Databricks on all three major cloud vendors, with a new endpoint for Databricks on Google Cloud platform.

In addition, the Qlik Enterprise Manager November 2021 release now supports all notifications that are available in Qlik Replicate. This means you can now use Qlik Enterprise Manager to manage all the notifications under one roof, as you will now be able to set all the notifications for all your Qlik Replicate servers and for all their replication tasks.



Qlik Replicate Nov 2021

New Endpoints:

SQL Server as a source in Azure cloud



From the November release, we are now utilizing Microsoft’s CDC API with the new Microsoft Azure SQL (MS-CDC) endpoint. This means that we can now support capturing changes from Azure SQL MI using Microsoft Change Tables, as opposed to the SQL Server transaction logs. This provides a reliable solution for replicating data from SQL Server cloud sources where online transaction logs may not be accessible.


Databricks as a target on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

The new Databricks on GCP endpoint rounds up the support for Databricks on the major cloud vendors, complimenting other Databricks as a target endpoint for AWS and Azure. In addition, all these target endpoints are also supported with Qlik Compose for Data Lakes. This release also brings support for the latest best practices from Databricks and a more secure option for connecting to cloud storage when utilizing Databricks targets on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.



Updated version support

With Qlik Replicate November 2021 we welcome Microsoft Edge browser support for accessing the Qlik Replicate and Qlik Enterprise Manager consoles. As with every release of Qlik Replicate, we also update the supported versions of our endpoints and platforms.

The following source and target endpoint versions have recently been added

Source Endpoints:

  • PostgreSQL 13

Target Endpoints:

  • Databricks on Google Cloud 8.x (starting from 8.2)
  • Databricks on AWS 8.x (starting from 8.2)
  • Microsoft Azure Databricks (Blob or Data Lake Storage Gen2) 8.x (starting from 8.2)
  • Microsoft Azure Databricks Delta 8.x (starting from 8.2)
  • PostgreSQL 13

Other Improvements:

XML and JSON data types for Snowflake Targets

With this release, we have added support for XML and JSON data types for Snowflake targets so you can now take advantage of Snowflake's optimized query and processing capabilities for both these data types. Qlik Replicate can now take JSON or XML data from your various source systems and store it as VARIANT data type in Snowflake. This is great because now you can manage and derive value from this form of semi-structured data and easily access it quickly using simple extensions to standard SQL.

SAP HANA sources improved performance

From November, we have now extended our Paraelle Load support to SAP HANA sources which helps to increase the overall performance and scalability when replicating large data volumes from SAP HANA sources. Specifically, you can now accelerate the replication of large tables by splitting the table into segments defined by date ranges, partitions or sub-partitions and then loading the segments in parallel.


Hope you enjoy the November release of Qlik Replicate and Qlik Enterprise Manager, and for those of you celebrating Thanksgiving, Happy Holidays

For the full list of all the improvements please check out the latest release notes on

Qlik Replicate November 2021 Release Notes

Qlik Enterprise Manager November 2021 Release Notes

Already have a licence? Try out the release by going to Support > Downloads on and filtering your options to Qlik Data Integration > Version 2021.11

If you don’t yet have a licence but still want to try out Qlik Replicate for yourself, you can take it for a test drive or talk to your local Qlik account team who would love to continue the conversation on how we can help you keep your data fresh so you can achieve Active Intelligence.

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