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This past week we released an exciting new AI capability – Qlik conversational analytics in Microsoft Teams.  With the new Qlik app for Teams, you can easily chat with Insight Advisor, Qlik's intelligent AI assistant, to explore data using natural language directly within Teams.  Users can now ask questions through individual or group chat and Qlik will respond with AI-generated data visualizations and insights, using data from across your Qlik apps.  Because it's Microsoft Teams, you can collaborate with others in real-time, collectively making decisions using the insights generated by Qlik.  And with the Teams mobile app, you have access to Qlik Analytics on-the-go, for insights at the point of decision.

Conversational analytics give people a faster and easier way to ask questions, get insights, and make data-driven decisions using natural language – boosting adoption and unlocking the power of data for less sophisticated users.  People can quickly ask questions in a simple manner and get answers even when they don’t know where to look for data.  And you can now do this from any device that supports Teams – including mobile devices – to share and collaborate in real-time and take the best actions to capture the business moment.

With the new Qlik app in Microsoft Teams, you can do the following:

  • Ask questions using natural language through individual or group chat
  • Auto-generated data visualizations and natural language insights
  • Search across all your Qlik apps for the right data
  • Share insights and collaborate with others
  • Access conversational analytics through mobile devices
  • Natural language processing and generation in 10+ languages


Qlik helps accelerate BI, ML, and AI initiatives for Microsoft customers with a suite of solutions. As a long-standing, Microsoft Top Tier partner for the Azure Data+AI competency, our solutions have helped thousands of customers deliver data and analytics initiatives.  Insight Advisor within Teams provides a powerful new way to help more people find the right answers, make better decisions and collaborate together where and how they work.  Install the Qlik app from the Teams App Store to get started.

Microsoft Teams is another step in our ongoing strategy of helping organizations realize the power of AI – Qlik Staige.  For more information on Staige, click here.

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