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Qlik Introduces a New Era of Visualization! READ ALL ABOUT IT

QlikView fans, we understand you’ve been eagerly awaiting the new release… so, we are proud to announce the general availability of QlikView November 2018. This release includes enhancements designed to improve visualizations, global support and performance.

One of the most notable improvements to QlikView for November 2018 is the Skia graphics library, replacing the outdated GDI+ library to help support QlikView longevity. With the Skia library, a wide variety of all graphic types are made available via common APIs that work across a various hardware and software platforms for ease of implementation. And, following limited beta testing, many customers reported improved visualizations resulting from the new Skia library.

International Components for Unicode (ICU) libraries have also been implemented with the November 2018 release. This set of Java and C/C++ libraries supports your globalization goals and provides more consistent application behavior across different platforms and regions through enhanced support for non-English characters, sorting of numeric strings, SET variable formatting, and more.

Additionally, we’ve added two new log files, which can be enabled quickly and easily. The Engine Log File validates performance levels and determines where, how and why inefficiencies are occurring within your application. And, the Reload Performance Log can identify which documents in your application are consuming the most resources. One of our beta testers, a customer from a healthcare organization said, "I am impressed with the set of new logs, Engine Log and Performance Log, in QMC to monitor memory and CPU usage down to the object level. In turn, this will help improve overall application and server performance."

The "File Exists" task is an interesting enhancement to QlikView Publisher. As a supporting task, File Exists can trigger a follow-on task to the creation of a file in your environment. This is especially helpful when files are created at irregular times within your system.

The QlikView November 2018 release includes several other updates, in addition to these highlights. This new video provides a summary of all the updates, and check out the release notes for further details.

Explore it for yourself, download QlikView November 2018 today!