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The Qlik Data Catalyst December 2019 release has some important new features, many of which support Qlik's cloud-first, SaaS strategy. 

We already offer a tight integration between Qlik Sense and Qlik Data Catalyst, especially around the organization of QVD files.  Now you can integrate Qlik Data Catalyst with the cloud editions of Qlik Sense.  Directly loading on-premises data into a cloud edition of Qlik Sense is typically not allowed by a customer's IT department due to security concerns.  Qlik Data Catalyst is now able to offer two new capabilities to address this issue: 

1.  The Publish capability has been expanded to allow users to automatically and securely publish data to a QCS Landing Zone (an S3 bucket).  Data is delivered in the QVD file format except for Sample and Profile data which is delivered in the JSON format. Cloud users can then browse and consume data using their existing Qlik S3 Connector.  This capability includes the ability to maintain obfuscation of sensitive data.

Dataset that was transferred by Qlik Data Catalyst into a cloud edition of Qlik SenseDataset that was transferred by Qlik Data Catalyst into a cloud edition of Qlik Sense

2.  Alternatively, a Qlik Data Catalyst user can publish data on-demand to cloud editions of Qlik Sense by selecting a new Publish to my QCS option in the Take Action menu. 

Take Action.png


This release also marks an important first step in elevating Qlik Data Catalyst to be a full member of the Qlik Kubernetes-based ecosystem as Qlik Data Catalyst December 2019 is additionally packaged as a set of Docker Containers. We plan on integrating modules of Qlik Data Catalyst more fully into the Kubernetes environment in future releases.

Finally, for Qlik Sense users, Qlik Data Catalyst December 2019 includes important new QVD-related usability improvements including the automatic scheduling of QVD incremental loads, displaying QVD Qlik lineage and performance enhancements.

Schedule automatic, recurring synchronization of QVD filesSchedule automatic, recurring synchronization of QVD filesView QVD lineage including source fileView QVD lineage including source file

Join us in the Qlik Community to be part of the conversation on how Qlik Data Catalyst will interact with Qlik Sense as well as what we're planning to do at Qlik World.  

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