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Qlik Introduces a New Era of Visualization! READ ALL ABOUT IT

Did you know that Qlik offers a variety of monitoring applications that can provide various insights on your Qlik Cloud environment?

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If you want to track usage capacity of users on your tenant, check out the Entitlement Analyzer. Need to optimize your Qlik Sense applications? Then perhaps the App Analyzer will help. Want more insight into your app reloads – download the Reload Analyzer. Looking to learn what users and groups have access to what space and what roles they have? Start using the Access Evaluator and finally – if you are a Qlik partner or an Enterprise that needs to centrally monitor information from multiple Qlik Cloud tenants all from a single dashboard, then check out the OEM Dashboard app. Qlik is dedicated to your success and our best and brightest have created these specific solutions to make it faster and easier to get those important insights so you don’t have to. These apps are available for you to download in the Qlik Community along with documentation.

The Qlik Sense Monitoring Applications for Cloud and On Premise 

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