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Qlik Sense November 2017 is now available from our Customer Download Site.    You can also try out many of the new capabilities in Qlik Sense Cloud where you can use Qlik Sense Cloud Basic for free or try Qlik Sense Cloud Business with a free 30 day trial.

Watch this brief highlights video to learn more:

You will find many new features and capabilities in this release including:

For Business Users

    • Improvements to existing chart types
      • Tables - Ability to scroll sideways.
      • Box Plot - Ability to color by expression.
      • Distribution Plot – Ability to color by expression, control bubble size, and add jitter (to keep dots from overlapping).
      • Combo Chart - Ability to display value labels.
    • Navigation Improvements using Keyboard - Ability to use the tab key to move around the screen.

For App Builders

    • Dynamic Sheet Names - Ability to utilize an expression in the name of a sheet.
    • Ongoing Visual Data Prep Enhancements
      • UI based in-line data table
      • Data Transformation Lineage
    • Refresh and add data available from analysis edit mode - The ability to both refresh and add data from the UI under data icon in edit mode. This eliminates the need to switch over to the data manager in order to initiate these common tasks.
    • Control Calculation Condition Message - Ability to control the message that a user sees when a calculation condition hasn't been met.
    • Update to Quote Interpretation in Set Analysis
      • This change ensures that set analysis interprets quotes in the same way as other areas of the engine and is consistent with our documentation and best practices.  However, some developers may have incorrectly utilized the single quote in places that should have double quotes and this enforcement of the intended use will cause issues in these cases.
      • Apps created in prior versions will not need to be updated as the system will respect the old method for these apps.   However, customers may opt to force all apps to respect the new rules.
      • This change (using single quotes for literal values) allows for the ability to support case sensitive search strings in Set Analysis. 

For Administrators

    • SAML Single Sign-on Logout
    • Continued On Demand App Generation Enhancements

For Developers

    • Extension Certification Badging

  • Qlik Sense Cloud Specific Improvements
    • Utilize Linux as platform for presenting demo apps on Qlik Sense Cloud
    • Note: See connector updates under Qlik Connectors

Qlik Connectors

  • Additional Web Connectors – The following web connectors are now available in Qlik Sense Cloud Business and included in Qlik Sense Cloud Business trials and subscriptions: Facebook Insights, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SugarCRM, Survey Monkey, MailChimp,, Slack. The Facebook Pages and Google Analytics also now include access to additional tables. These connectors are already available for Qlik Sense Enterprise.

  • Redshift, Google BigQuery and Dropbox- A new native connector for Redshift will be made available to Qlik Sense Cloud Business in November. Connectors for both Redshift and Google BigQuery will be released to Qlik Sense Enterprise in November also a Dropbox Connector will be made available to Qlik Sense Cloud Business and Enterprise.